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  (2004-02-01 11:53:48, Hit : 12552, Vote : 990
 Dear U.S.A Authorities

Dear U.S.A Authorities,
In 1871 Cho-Sun, old name of Korea, has been taken away General's flag("SU"-"帥" in Chinese ) which was the symbol of  Korean force. Nowadays the museum of the Naval Academy in Annapolis has displayed the snatched General's  Flag from Korea. It is said  that any similar Genaral's flag is not left in Korea .
We urge the U.S. authorities to return the General's Flag to rebuild new relationship between Korea-United State of America for this 21st century.

Sin- mi- yang- yo! The unforgettable battle
(subtitle:   Please return General's flag taken 
away from Korea 120 years ago and recover the pride of Koreans )
    l   [Sin- mi- yang- yo means the sexagenary cycle in 1871]
                            《written by Cha, Moonsung (sochang@chol.com)& Cha Sanghyun 》
9 years have passed since America invaded Guang-sung-bo in Kang-hwa-island
(Kang-hwa island is situated in western Korea very close to seoul)
Ernest Oppert who  is well known  as the  shameless grave robber  illegally excavated
Tea-won-kun's father's  tomb (   Nam yun-kun's tomb  who  is grandfather  of The
Emperor GoJong ) had published at the same time in England and  America in 1880 the
book which was called "The forbidden Land ". http://www.sochang.net/bbs/data/pic2/image_sub02_03.gif" height="200" align="right" width="200">

By the end  of 19th century  Cho-sun (previous  name of Korea)  was known  as "the
forbidden land"   and "the  unknown  world" at   least to  Westrn  countries including

At that time Asian countries had being invaded by the Western Powers 
under the name of a Commercial Treaty. Cho-Sun was also not the exception of
their targets .  Right after French  attack which  is called Byung-in-yang-yo(it  means
sexagenary cycle in 1866 ,French said "blockade of Salee river), Korea  was attacked by
the Western Powers again.
At last American fleet appeared at Nam-yang-strait where is western Korea In 1871 
They demanded a commercial treaty the same as other Asian countries..

Sin-mi-yang-yo (first battle between Korea  and America broke out  in this year) was
not enough to raise America's  domestic concerns although it was  said as a title  "Our
Little War with
the Heathen" on New York Herald.
The story of Sin-mi-yang-yo was distinctly written down in the report of the US Navy
Commander John Rosers and Talton's diary besides documents of Korea..

We could not forget to have  been taken away General's flag("  "  in Chinese ) which
was the symbol of  Korean force . Nowadays  The museum of  the Naval Academy in
Annapolis has displayed  the snatched General's  Flag from Korea.  It is said  that any
same Genaral's flag is not left in  Korea , needless to say the meaning  of flag is very

We are very kindly request the restitution of Genaral's Flag to rebuild new  relationship
between Korea-United State of America for this 21st century.

The prelude of the relationship between Korea and the USA is dated back from burning
of the commercial ship   which called "General  Sherman" to open  trade with America
around Dea-dong river .near Pyung-yang city

At that  time westerners  who were  dwelling Shang-hai,   Chi-bu ,Chun-jin in  China
considered that the  King's tomb of  Cho-sun dynasty  seems to have  kept something
surprised like the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt, so  it was thought to be a plenty of
treasures in it.

After failing  in the  attempt to  excavate tomb  illegally ,American  protested strongly
toward Korean goverment . they conducted investigation  twice to demand compensation
for damages against the accident.
Eventually they requested  inequal commercial  relations of  Korea-America by military
power in 1871.
John Roger   ,the commander  of U.S   fleet, became  to depart   in Nagasaki  with 6
battleships  including Colorado, with 1230 seamen  ,85 pieces of ordnance loaded on  the

At June 1st warship Monosaka and Paro which were suitable for passing
narrow Kang-hwa  Waterway(which is  called "Yum-ha"   in Korea) navigates  around
kang-hwa Island for 10 days
At 1pm USA  force simultaneously  began  to open fire  toward Cho-ji-jin (a  kind of
encampment through Kang-Hwa Waterway)  . The following day  large-scale campaign
was put in
Operation in this  position.  Korean  General "Uh  Jea-yun" and  600 soldiers  tried to
defend desperately Kwang-sung-bo.( a sort of encampment )
During the battle which continued for 49 hours , 243 of Korean soldiers were burned up
besides 100 corpse floated along the waterway .  In tatal 350 soldiers were dead in this
battle. Also  Korea forces   was considerably  damaged   in the combat.  Nevertheless
American force got in  damage no more than  SFC Mckee and 3  seamen dead, 5  men
seriously wounded and 5 men slight wounded.
After complete victory ,  American force hauled  down the large yellow  flag (it means
Genaral's Flag) 
which were fluttering  on Kwang-sung-bo flagpole  . The  US fleet returned  with the
other war  trophies as  well as   General's Flag. Three  dead seamen  were  buried in
Jak-yak-island (under Young-jong bridge at incheon int'l airport)
SFC Mckee  who was  dead under   sailing was buried  at the  National  Cemetery in

This was the  first case of  between Korea and  America. A few  years ago  Professor
Durvernay  who   was on   duty  at   Dong-kuk  Univ.  in   KyungJu had   inquired
Representatives of Michigan about General's Flag. He maintained it must be returned to
Korea right after  confirming to  be kept  in the  Annapolis Naval  Academy Museum.
Michigan Representatives  made an   objection for returning  any  trophies as  well as
"General's Flag" to Korea without any exception..

We wonder whether there is any examples for returning cultural assets or not.
France and Netherlands gave back their possessed cultural assets to Laos and Indonesia
after independence.
Protocol for returning cultural  assets in France and  Algeria were made by  expressing
the meaning of the  past relations liquidation. Also  there is a long-term  lease to each
museum as one of easy method. As matter  of a fact , we can present  more examples:
The Treaty  of Cooperation  between The  United states   of America and  the United
Mexican providing for the Recovery and Return of stolen Archaeological,  Historical and
Cultural properties 1970; it presents the legal basis of returning stolen cultural assets.

As case of international treaties, Versailles convention(Article 245) which was concluded
in 1919 prescribes  that stolen cultural  assets concernig  Franco-Prussian War in  1870
should be returned and going back the past until 1718. .
After World  War Two   , Unesco have   clarified "The convention   on cultural asset
protection during  conflicting by force" . Furthermore according to Unesco Convention in
1954 and   Resolution of  the  U.N. General   Assembly, all  the  nations must   accept
ownershop of original possessed country.
In view  of examples  it's natural  that Michigan  representatives  follow guidelines  of
Unesco to return a war trophies in a sence. 
We do not demand on such a great cultural assets taken by the U.S. Forces during the
invasion of
Kang-sung-bo in Kang-Hwa Island.
It means  just to  return General's  Flag as  a symbol  of peace  for new  relationship
between Korea and America..

Therefore it will give the chance to promote more friendly relations  between Korea and
America. In addition, we  hope that Korea can  present the flag  of repleca to Anapolis
museum. No wonder to represent gratitude to the U.S. Army for having possessed it for
quite a long time.
Only on looking at the duplicated General's flag which is hung on the
2nd floor of historic museum  in Kang-Hwa island ,  we used to feel  the unforgettable
battle is not finished .
Even though 130 years have gone by, the government and NGO didn't neglect the effort
to recover to the original condition.
As one of good examples, we took back great monument stolen it in 1905 from Japan.
It was attributed by the effort of NGO not government.
I remember that Mr.Wardrop who is the descendent of soldier engaged
Sin-mi-yang-yo battle visited Korea by effort of Prof. Thomas Durvernay.
He joined the sacrificial rite of Korean General "Uh" and stated " I really apologize
things whch was committed by US forces during Sin-mi-yang-yo period as
descendents of the soldier.

Now, we urge the U.S. authorities to return the General's Flag which 
remained a scar in  the unforgettable battle. So  we hope this accomplishment  is to be
left as the symbol of both countries from generation to generation.
                                                         -the end-

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